rosalie wagner — type design and production

I graduated in 2016 from the School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France. Since then, I have been designing books and typefaces in freelance.

I pursued on my special­isation by attending a research program in typography at ANRT in Nancy, France. There, I initiated a study about typefaces used for teaching literacy in elementary school. In this context I started a cursive type­face for teachers. This research was at the cross-road of cognitive sciences, educational sciences and typo­graphy.

I have been teaching since my MA; Arts in middle school and then French, in parallel of my research, to children with specific learning disorders. I also give work­shops in schools of design to teach type design.

In parallel of my research, I participated in the design of the Baskervville (revival of Jacob’s Baskerwille, itself revived from Baskerville’s typeface), and I fully produced it. This project is now available on Google Fonts.

From these experiences and others I started to get into font engineering. To learn more about the technical aspects of fonts, I joined Black[Foundry] in Paris as an intern for few month. I then joined Alphabet Type in Berlin as a trainee for almost a year. There I discovered a peculiar passion for quality-assurance.

I have been working since 2020 as a freelancer and got to collaborate with Google Fonts, 205TF, NaN, Fatype, Karl Nawrot and Fontwerk — among others. I am also part of the Alphabettes group.

If you have any question or project to talk about, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail.

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